Living the Lord’s Prayer – 7 CD Set


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Prayer that will change your world!

If you could ask Jesus how to pray and he took the time to teach you a model of how

you should pray, don’t you think we should take note?

This series takes the model the Lord gave us and looks at how it can lead us into a life

of peace and victory! Let the Lord lead you in your prayer life and your daily lifestyle

so that you can live a life that is free, fresh and flourishing for his kingdom purposes

Topics Include:

  • What does it mean to have a Father in Heaven?

  • What does it mean to Honor God?

  • Jesus taught us to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom!

  • How does forgiveness really work?

  • God is so good and gracious, He provides for His own!

  • Is evil invading your life and your world?

  • How is God going to release power, glory and honor in your life?

by Tom & Jane Hamon

7 Cd Set

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