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Was it a dream? Was it God? Or Was it both?

What is God saying in your dreams? How do you know if a dream is from God? What should you do when a dream contains a warning? Jane Hamon cuts through psychological jargon and cultural mumbo-jumbo to give you a clear, biblical understanding of the language of dreams – and how to discern the voice of the Lord as He communicates His purpose for your life.

Drawing upon scripture and her own personal experiences, Jane gives you a clear, concise guide to the meaning and purpose of dreams in your life.  Can you expect God to talk to you? Absolutely.  What’s more, you can know what He is saying to you!

This 5 CD series includes:

  • How God Speaks Today Through Dreams and Visions

  • Understanding the Language of Symbolism

  • Properly Interpreting Dreams and Visions

  • Distinguishing between Natural and Spiritual Dreams

  • God’s Purpose For Dreams and Visions.

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