Vision Church is more than a church– it’s a thriving spiritual family that extends its roots back to 1967. Our founders, Dr. Bill and Evelyn Hamon, planted the seeds of this global community in San Antonio, TX, offering enriching Bible studies that stretched from the Associate to the Doctoral levels.

In 1975, we embarked on a transformative journey, moving to Phoenix, AZ, and initiating the Friday Night School of the Holy Spirit. This bold step ignited a passionate mission: to awaken spiritual gifts and restore apostles and prophets to their essential roles, catapulting Bishop Hamon into worldwide leadership within the Body of Christ.

The year 1984 saw us relocating to sunny Florida. In the humble beginnings of a shipping room, we gathered mid-week, fostering a faith community that would blossom into the CI Family Church. We joyfully celebrated our first Sunday morning service in January of 1987, alongside the enduring Friday Night School of the Holy Spirit.


Since that pivotal moment, we have mentored and launched a multitude of leaders who serve the Lord as influential pastors, apostles, prophets, business people, and government leaders, both in the US and internationally.

As the central church for Christian International Ministries Network, we share a unique bond with Dr. Tim Hamon, CEO of CIMN, and their devoted team. Each year, we open our doors to host landmark conferences, including our International Gathering of Apostles and Prophets (IGAP) in October. To further equip believers, we provide training seminars and house our own School of the Prophets. These initiatives draw a diverse, vibrant, and devoted followers of Jesus from every corner of the globe, who come seeking family, training, and His voice to change their world.

Our journey started as a humble family church, evolving into a dynamic equipping center and a voice of love and support. However, as the years passed, we realized that our name didn’t quite capture the essence of our mission and beliefs.

We are firm believers in the transformative power of hearing God’s voice and discovering one’s unique vision. It’s this faith that enables us to live out the Gospel in its truest sense. Inspired by Proverbs 29:18, we embraced God’s leading that resonated with our core value: “Without a prophetic vision, people wander aimlessly and do not fulfill their destinies.”

Thus, we changed our name to Vision Church, a name that reflects our commitment to guiding individuals towards their divine destiny.

Our local Vision Teams have touched the lives of thousands, delivering the prophetic Word of the Lord and facilitating healing, deliverance, salvation, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that every saint is a minister, and it fills our hearts with joy to witness our members thriving as they uncover their divine gifts and callings in Christ. Our dedicated teams have made a profound impact:

  • Our worship teams have crafted and recorded hundreds of songs, each one a conduit for delivering timely truths.
  • Our prayer warriors have opened the heavens, releasing powerful changes in our community and even across nations.
  • Our outreach teams have been instrumental in leading hundreds to salvation and deliverance.
  • Our family ministry teams have fostered breakthroughs, nurturing a new generation of young believers who are transforming our culture today.

As a vibrant apostolic sending center, we’ve launched teams to over fifty nations, extending our influence and sharing our message far and wide.

To explore Bishop Hamon’s inspiring journey and ministry we invite you to visit:

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