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Prophet Bill Lackie

Vision of Almalonga

In preparation to release the WOL for 2020 I had a vision of Almalonga. One of those momentswhere you were thinking of something totally different and the Lord gave me a vision of Almalonga,Guatemala. Having been to Almalonga some of the details of this vision are clearly understood.The vegetation is a clear miracle of God. All of the vegetables like the carrots below are superlarge. This all came from prayer in the morning in Almalonga of a pastor in the city. One day alady brought her child that died into the church. The pastor laid hands on the child and the childawoke. From then on the miracles began to surface in Almalonga. The Lord told through the visionthat what happened there would happen here. Do we want it? They bought equipment…Mercedes Bens Trucks. As they were loading one truck a lady about 4 feet tall was carrying a stalk ofcelery. It was 2 feet long and bent up and down as she walked.


2020 will increase in open doors but it will also increase in New Vision. This cause was from theprayers of Kingdom Warriors. This will be revealed in multiples and open doors will open inmultiples. The pace of the kingdom will pick up and we will be thrust forward. Pick up yourquickness to respond quickly and pick up your speed to move forward quickly.

North Korea

The current leadership of North Korea is weighed in God’s balance. His anger has turned towardthis nation and will soon be confronted. The head of North Korea, Kim Jung Un, is not in goodhealth. I decree that if he will not humble himself to the Lord Jesus Christ and stop the demonicdeclarations against America that he will not be long for this world. Sin and unrighteous is areproach for any nation but God will exalt a nation whose face is turned toward him. It is time forall Christians to pray for Kim Jung Un’s salvation.

Year of the Prodigal

The grief and sadness that has broken the hearts of parents will result in a miracle of salvation. Godis sending out a call to all the prodigals, once saved but turned their back on God. He is softeningtheir bitter hearts and pouring out mega grace drawing them back to himself. Parents get ready tocelebrate.

Stronger Bond In Families

Many things along the way have weakened the bond in families… TV, Phones, outside relationshipsand growing up too fast. The hearts of the fathers will turn toward the children. This stronger bondwith daughters and mothers and fathers and sons will be the foundational preparation for Revival.

The Groundfire of Revival

There is a revival fire that is growing with the church. People from all countries have been meetingin small groups and the Lord is releasing His fire of revival. Prayer meetings, Worship gatheringsand 1 on 1 relationship meetings are restoring trust, faith and tenderness. Hearts turned towardGod inspire God to send revival to that community.

Monumental Healings

Healings like those of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s will once again be released. God is desirous to heal Hisbody in infirmity that is effecting their quality of life. These healings will be a process and some will be miraculous and some instantaneously. Watch theHoly Spirit for this next wave of healing.

RX Cancer, Heart, Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers have been working diligently seeking for medicines that will help and some that willheal serious diseases. The main diseases I have listed will be among those that researchers have testedand are getting ready to put them on market.

God’s Face is Turned Toward His Children

2020 will be a year of favor. God’s face is turned toward His children to bless and reconcile all thathas been taken from you. Begin to look at relationships that have been broken, to finances that havebeen stolen, to anointings that have been lost or diminished and positions in work that have beentaken from you.

Revival in Hollywood

The new Jesus revelation and anointings for the Last Days has descendedIn Hollywood. People who have been desperate and lost for many years are being restored andawakened to Jesus. Hollywood is crying out for a real relationship and an intimate relationshipwith Jesus.

New Levels of Prophetic Ministry

The gift of prophesy is spreading throughout the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. People will gaina new boldness to release details, shift regions, declare to the government and other levels ofprophetic ministry. Accuracy and details are going to get sharper and impact the heart of peoplebeing ministered to. Strategies will begin to show up on a regular basis and help the church to shifttheir goals to match that of the Lord.

Army of the Lord

A trumpet from heaven is being blown calling the Body of Christ to arise. The purpose of thisheavenly trumpet blast is to ignite the call in those who are the Army of the Lord. The Army of theLord will awaken to the roar of the lion of Judah. This heavenly roar has begun and calls the Bodyof Christ to stand to attention to get their next assignment.

President Trump Will Arise and Thrive

The strength of criticism against Donald Trump, our President, will begin to wain and those who areunjustly attacking Donald Trump…will begin to see the light of God and the favor on PresidentTrump. After this awakening Donald Trump will begin to speak and lecture more than ever. Hewill stand and begin to shift the demonic areas in our country. He will also bring a special favor forsmall businesses and some large businesses. America and Donald Trump will bring the USA to agreater place of prosperity. Donald Trump, our President, will Thrive in the new global theatre andwill begin to unify countries.

A written and verbal apology will come forth to Baron Trump from haters who have included himin their fire. He is young man who God has his hand upon. This apology will do more to heal ournation than most reconciliation. Prayer for Democrats and Republicans to become more humane intheir relationships.

Young Prophets 16-30 Will Arise This Year

The call is going forth for young prophets to arise. These women and men are the face of thechurch tomorrow. It is God’s purpose for 2020 for them to be trained and mentored. It will beunsafe for these prophets to go out on their own. Fathers and Mothers in the Body of Christ areneeded to mentor and love these young prophets. Look around and see them within your own community.

The Faucet of Healing Will Be Turned On

In heaven the Lord is turning on the faucet, as you might say, for healings. The mantel of healingwill fall upon many in the Body of Christ. There also will be training conferences and mentoringcommunities that will activate the gift of healing within those who desire it. Begin laying on ofhands to release healing of any and all infirmities. Anticipate healing.

Deliverance of Addictions

Being set free from all addictions…smoking, eating, pornography, gossip, food, thinking,accusations to label and athletics. In this hour the Lord is calling his army to lead and deliver thosewho have been weighed down with addictions. He is bringing liberation to the Body of Christ. TheArmy of the Lord will be free and strong as they let go of bondages from the past.

Young Preachers

An influx of young preachers will arise this year. Their training will be effective but will be limitedwith little “on the job” training. In each church giving place to these young preachers to activatetheir ministries is crucial. Strategy will go a long way to help these young men and women tonavigate from the pew to the pulpit.

Revival in 29 Cities…Apostolic Thrones

There are 29 cities in the USA that are going to receive an Apostolic Throne of government. This throne will represent the Kingdom of God and will have apostolic leadership. These leaders willusher in the glory of God to the earth. Their destiny and heart is to establish the Kingdom of Godhere among the Body of Christ. This governmental authority is humble and kind. This is thefoundation to revival in these cities and it will spread like wildfire.

World Wide Revival

Miraculous awakenings and encounters with Jesus and angels are preparing for the world wide gloryof God to encounter these nations. The leaders of these nations are realizing their plans are notworking. They have cried out for help and the leadership of countries, states, churches will continueto cry out until Revival breaks out. One of the places that will start is in England.

Goat Nations Turned to Sheep Nations

Heads of State will declare their love for Jesus and exhibit a life changed by Jesus Christ. This willinfluence the decision of many in their nation. This passion will grow within the countryand nations will shift from a goat nation to a sheep nation.

PLENTY of New Books

This will be the year of writing books. Double the number of books will be written. Revelationwith a new impact will inspire the Body of Christ to write. The subjects will be explored and thesebooks will represent the revelation on these new subjects. Look to see if you can see the name of anew book.

New Keys to the Kingdom Revealed

New Keys to the Kingdom will be revealed. These keys will be keys to open heaven. Research willexpand and new topics effecting the kingdom will be revealed. There is some revelation to theKingdom of God but 2020 will be an expansive year writing mostly about the Kingdom God.

This is a Year to Take Back All That Was Stolen

In the year 2019 and previous years you may have gone through stages of feeling like the enemyrobbing from you was unavoidable. This year the Lord is restoring to you what the canker wormand locust have robbed from you. Perhapsthere has been a slow leak of finances, hardening of hearts in relationships, avoiding a promotionwhen promotion is due. This is the year to declare what is missing and war until it returns.

New Levels-New Devils…Proceed With Your Vision Also Being Prepared To Subdue

Prepare yourself for the changes that are ahead of you. Prepare for growth, change of focus, preparefor more impact and influence, prepare for more maturity in you. You also need to know that withnew territory there will come new resistance. Quickly put them under your feet with the authority God has given you. You are more than able to dispossess territory the enemy thinks is his. Use your spiritual authority that God has given you. Notify your authority about your plan and make surethey are in agreement. Gather other warriors with you and war. Then prepare yourself to establish your mantle and gain the territory for Jesus.

Greatness and Grace Will Marry This Year

This season the Lord is calling you up higher. That which you have done is in the past and he wantsto give you new assignments. You are being called to greatness. As you begin to walk in yourgreatness God will give you the grace to establish and possess. Greatness is the path that will takeyou to Destiny and Destination. Get ready to move on up to Greatness with God’s grace.

Underground Revival In Communist Countries

Communist Countries are reaching a turnaround point with Jesus. The work they have done hasreached an end and God is turning them around in the Last Days. The people of these countrieshave prayed underground in home meetings for freedom. God is moving upon their prayers andneeds. The Holy Spirit is working underground in these nations to bring them to freedom.

Move of God…Will Strengthen Marriages

A move of God will penetrate the Body of Christ bringing a strength to marriages. The Holy Spiritknows the trouble that has creeped into marriages and is moving to remove this trouble and causemarriages to act in faith. The grass is not greener on the other side. Marriages will begin to believethe best about each other and begin to walk in humility with their spouses.


God is spiritually promoting every person. Some of you feel disqualified but God is not sayingthat. He is working with you to take some new steps. As you move forward begin to look at howGod may be moving you to a new level. Also, it is possible that your ministry is prayer. Mostpeople will not see you when you are praying. Promotion is not always something that people cansee. Promotion is often between you and God.

Destiny Shift in 2020

There is a purposed Destiny Shift that will continue to take you to your Destination. As you arewalking your path to Destiny…you may see opportunities. Some things you can use to test if whatyou see is a DESTINY opportunity or an opportunity to do good. Good is the enemy of thebest. Rest and get confirmations before you change paths.

A Community of Young Preachers

Support the young people in your church that are good at speaking, telling of testimonies, studyingthe word and bringing an impact on people around them. These are indicators they may have a giftof speaking and preaching. If God prompts you, consider mentoring them and helping them growin their gifting.It is possible there are young people around you that are laboring to respond to the call of God ontheir life.

Revelation Will Come Quicker

Revelation will flow with double portion and acceleration. God is developing His army and wantsyou able to move quickly with His revelation.This revelation is to enable you to walk a Spirit directed path. As you learn to hear the Holy Spiritand then do what you feel He has called you to do, the revelation will come quicker. Walking by theSpirit causes you to discern the path of the Holy Spirit. You will produce fruits of the Spirit. Youwill also walk your Destiny Path and embark on your Destination.

2019 Rolled Up Like A Scroll and 2020 Rolled Out Like A Scroll

Things of the past are rolling up like a scroll. God is going to introduce you to New Beginnings in2020. God is changing the shape of His Kingdom. The new things He will begin to show you willcome with anticipation. Learn that when God reveals new things to you He will cause it toharmonize with old revelation rather conflict with old revelation. 2020 is a year of growth.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings for some people present with fear or negativity. If you are used to walking withGod you will begin to see that when new Beginnings show up that it is a transition to a newlevel. At first it may be difficult. However, if you give yourself a slow steady pace you will begin tosee your walk can pick up speed. Also remember the scripture that says “Do not despise the day of small beginnings.” Small and new may be synonymous in my explanation.


Angels will play a strategic role in your life and walk with the Lord this year. You will learn their purpose in your life. Angels are not to be worshiped but they are messengers of God sent to assist you. It is time through your prayers to learn how to commission them to help you with a God strategy. You need to learn how to mobilize them to help bring breakthrough. The purpose of angels is different for each angel. As you work with angels you will discern which angel and their type and purpose.

Prayer Language and Prophets Language Will Change. It Will Have the Lion’s Roar

Then Iheard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: “Hallelujah! For our LORD God Almighty reigns. Angels are God’s messengers and a mighty assistance to us. The roar of the Lion will rule and change the attitude of your enemy. Also, the lion will kill and destroy the enemies of God’s purpose.

Revelation 19:6


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