Unlocking the More in a Double Portion Year

Jul 5, 2023 | Vision Church | 1 comment

By Jane Hamon

It’s a real honor to fill in for Dutch Sheets while he and Ceci are on a much needed and hard earned break.  Let’s all pray they have a refreshing and relaxing time together. 

Vision of Keys

 I had a vision of Jesus presenting me with a key ring containing three keys: one gold, one silver and one ancient looking.  He said “go use these to unlock the more.”  As I waited I heard Him say, “I want to unlock more IN you so I can unlock more FOR you then unlock more THROUGH you!” I knew these were keys that the ekklesia would need to unlock greater authority for this new season.  Certain things that have been locked up and inaccessible, are being made accessible as the ekklesia rightly uses their keys. Closed gates are being opened so the King of Glory can come in!

The Significance of the Keeper of the Keys

In ancient times kings invested their power in a right hand man known as the treasurer, steward or the “keeper of the keys.”  This individual served in a governmental capacity and exercised supreme control over the treasury, over who accessed the king in his throne room and over all the affairs of the kingdom.  He was not the king, yet represented the king in all things.  

This sheds light on one of the most significant passages of scripture regarding our kingdom authority as the ekklesia and the keys we use to perform the duties of our office. In Matthew 16:18-19 Jesus said, “on this rock I will build my church (ekklesia) and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.  I will give you the keys of the kingdom, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”  The New Living Translation says, “whatever you forbid will be forbidden, whatever you permit will be permitted.” So what are we forbidding and what are we permitting?   It’s interesting that the word build, in the Greek also means “to embolden.”  We are living in a time when Jesus wants to embolden and empower His ekklesia with governmental authority to bind and loose, to forbid and to permit what transpires in the earth.

A Time of Reformation

In Isaiah 22:22 (yes, this is significant for 2022), we find another important scripture regarding keys of authority: “The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder so he will open and no one will shut and he shall shut and no one shall open.”     Isaiah 22 contains the story of reformation taking place in Judah, in which King Hezekiah, a righteous reformer, turned a nation back to God.  His name means Jehovah is my Strength and comes from the Hebrew word Chazak which means:  to be courageous, strong, obstinate, to prevail!  God is releasing strength and a stubborn persistance to His people, His reformers, who are committed to turn a nation back to God.  He is giving us strength to hold the line and not give up no matter what we face.

The Strongman of Shebna is Coming Down

In Isaiah 22:15-19 Isaiah rebukes Shebna, the steward or treasurer of King Hezekiah’s house.  He was using his office to promote himself, and undermined Hezekiah’s vision for Reformation. God judged him to be unrighteous, full of pride and illegitimate as an official. In Isaiah 22:17 he is called a mighty man, but the Amplified translates this as Strongman.  I believe Shebna represents a spiritual strongman over nations, that is undermining God’s agenda of freedom, hope and life, ruling through illegitimate control, fear and tyranny.  This spirit, and those affected by it are wielding power through the political & religious spirits, through controlling the narrative through media & by shutting down contrary voices.  God basically declared through Isaiah, ‘enough is enough’ and Shebna was stripped of his royal robes, his keys were taken from him and all his authority and responsibility was given to another named Eliakim.  Eliakim means “the one whom God raises up or sets up.”  The day has come in which God will deal with Shebna leaders, both in government, society and the church, unseating them from their places of authority and giving positions instead to the ones He is raising up.

Eliakims are Arising!

We are in a tipping point moment in the earth.  Eliakims are arising who will rule righteously and justly.  God is looking for those whom He will promote and increase in authority and  whose voices will be unlocked for reformation.   God is putting the keys of the kingdom upon the shoulder of His ekklesia to open and shut:  to open some things up and shut some things down. God is giving us unrestricted power and unlimited access to both His throne of grace as well as to His treasury for all we will need to advance the kingdom. Just as Eliakim was raised up to hold the key of the house of David, which was not just keys to a palace but authority over a nation, so God is raising up His Eliakims to hold the keys to cities and nations and to unseat principalities and powers, both natural and spiritual. Scales are coming off the eyes of believers to see their spiritual walk differently, not just about salvation or blessing but about the governmental responsibility in the kingdom to affect and change your world.

A Small Key can Open Great Doors!

Jesus, our King, holds the keys, but He is also placing them in our hands!  Remember, small keys can open great doors!   God is giving us a gold key of favor, which is a master key which opens new opportunities and blessings, but also new responsibilities in the kingdom.  This key of favor will unlock the voices of Eliakims to bring a shift in the earth.

The symbol of the silver key in scripture is tied to purity in the prophetic.  Psalms 12:6 declares, “The words of the Lord are pure words, as silver tried in the furnace of earth, purified seven times.”   God has been putting the words of the prophets through the fire so they come forth without human agenda or opinion.  I heard the Lord say this silver key of prophetic purity and wisdom would bring “Solutions for Resolutions.”   God is giving us divine insight, prophetic strategies and solutions that will bring resolution to some long standing issues, overturning corruption, ungodly laws and establishingrighteousness.  

    The ancient key was tied to Isaiah 45:3 in which God says,  And I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, Who calls you by your name.” AMPC.   In my book, Declarations for Breakthrough, I write about this passage which has some interesting insight for the days we are living in.  The “treasures of darkness” refers to a storehouse or cellar where an armory of weapons and a treasure room of wealth are kept.  In this season God is unlocking wealth and opportunity but also releasing a new cache of spiritual weapons to be utilized in this time of intensified spiritual warfare.  Our words will be both a key and a weapon.

Pray with Me

Father we thank you for giving us the keys of the kingdom so we can rightly represent you in the earth.  We come into agreement with your Word that you are bringing down the Shebnas who are in positions of influence who do not rightly represent you or your kingdom cause of turning nations back to you.  We pray for America and other nations that you will cause Eliakims to arise in great authority to see reformation, revival and awakening come.  We thank you for the kingdom keys that will unlock greater authority, favor, prophetic wisdom, strategies and insights as well as supernatural provision for the days ahead.   We receive this in Jesus’ mighty name.


Today I receive the Keys of the Kingdom from the hand of the Lord so I can unlock the more this year.  I will use these keys to function in my role as a member of the Ekklesia, to bring Gods Kingdom purposes to pass in the earth.  I receive authority and governmental anointing to rule and reign in my sphere of influence.  I receive the gold key of favor, the silver key of purity, wisdom and revelation and the ancient key to unlock wealth and spiritual weapons to prevail in times of battle.  My small keys will open big doors!  God will unlock more IN me, so He can unlock more FOR me and then unlock more THROUGH me. I decree these things through the authority of the name of Jesus, the ultimate Keeper of the Keys!

You can find Jane’s book, Declarations for Breakthrough and her other resources at TomandJanehamon.com.

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