The Decade of the Dynamo. A New Era of Crazy Increase, Favor and Fulfillment.

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Apostle Jane Hamon

“The Voice of the Lord will shatter the enemy.” Isaiah 30:31 From the very beginning of God’s interactions with man, He has always desired that His people, whom He created, would hear His voice. Jesus said, “my sheep hear my voice.” This is for many reasons: fellowship, intimate heart to heart relationship with Him, ful.llment of kingdom plans and divine purposes, strategies for advancement, strategies to defeat our enemies and that we might know God’s times and seasons so we might properly position ourselves in prayers and decrees to effectively cooperate with heaven.

This is why prophets, at di.erent points of the year, press in to hear from heaven regarding the times and seasons we are entering into so that our faith and expectation can be focused on accomplishing God’s agenda. This year we are not only receiving revelation for a new year, but for a new decade. Truly, there has been a consensus among many prophets that we are not only entering a new decade, but a new era of Christianity in the earth, in which we will contend to see God’s kingdom come and His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven as never before. We are going from survival to revival, so look out world, here we come!


In early September 2019, I awakened from a sound sleep to the clear voice of God saying, “You are entering the Decade of the Dynamo!” In looking up the definition of the word “dynamo” in the Webster’s Dictionary, I found two different meanings. First, a dynamo is a forceful, energetic person, described as a .reball or a live wire. In this, I hear God declaring, “I am filling you full of energy, passion, and zeal and breaking o. every spirit of weariness, heaviness, and confusion. You will be anointed with supernatural strength to accomplish every assignment. You are a force to be reckoned with! You will run and not be weary, you will walk and not faint!” What a promise! So right now, breathe in God’s life, health, strength, and vitality….receive His supernatural energy that comes by being .lled with the Holy Spirit.

The second definition of dynamo is more scientific. A simpli.ed de.nition is a dynamo is a generator that produces direct current for power or electricity. How does this possibly tie into our spiritual experience for a new season?

The word dynamo is derived from the Greek word dunamis, which is found throughout the New Testament in many forms. In Acts 1:8, Jesus spoke to his disciples before ascending to heaven saying, “And you shall receive power (dunamis) when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth.” Jesus was, of course, speaking about the in-filling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as we see in Acts chapter 2, which would empower the early church to change the world and bring in a harvest of souls from the nations. Then as now, the Holy Spirit within us becomes a power generator that releases the supernatural, and the results are signs, wonders, miracles and a harvest of souls.

Dunamis in Greek is de ned as the following: “Force, might, strength, ability, miraculous power, miracles, abundance, the power and might of an army, excellence of soul.” By examining this word throughout scripture we  nd the outpouring of the dunamis of the Holy Spirit releases miracles, revelation, faith, healing of hearts, minds and bodies, dreams, visions and prophecy, breakthrough, strength, and vitality.

All of this should be present in the life of a believer who has been  lled with the Holy Spirit and is actively engaging in spiritual activities. Our prayers, whether with our spirit language or our understanding, become a power generator, which causes the impossible to become possible, the weak to become strong, the poor to become rich, and which activates angel armies to  ght on our behalf. You can create an atmosphere of victory over your life by the words you speak with your mouth!

5780 – The Decade of Peh – The Decade of the Mouth

We are entering a new decade on two calendars, the Hebraic and the Gregorian. It is the year 5780 on the Hebraic calendar, 2020 on the Gregorian. Eighty in Hebrew is the word Peh, which translates as “mouth.” Peh is the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and symbolizes victory! As we enter this new decade, we will realize more than ever that the victory is actually generated from what comes out of our mouths!

Dunamis power is generated when we pray in the spirit. Blessings (or curses) are generated by the words we speak out loud (Prov 18:21). Heavenly answers are generated or produced when we lift our voices in prayer (Mark 11:24 – Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive and you shall have them). Reading the scriptures out loud generates faith (Rom 10:17-Faith comes by hearing the Word). Prophesying generates breakthrough over our enemies (Is 30:31 – The voice of the Lord shatters the enemy). Praise and worship generate victory (Psalms 149 – Let the high praises of God be in our mouths (peh) and a two-edged sword in our hands). Spiritual battles are won by the words we speak (Isaiah 49:2 “He has made My mouth like a sharp sword”). Decrees generate light to shine on our way ( Job 22:28). Your spoken testimony produces the power to overcome every foe (Rev. 12:11).

What we say matters. We must stop cursing our situation with complaining and words of negativity and doubt. These too can become generators of things we don’t want present in our lives. Moses was 80 years old (Peh) when he encountered God and was commissioned to deliver a nation and a generation…the whole conversation was about his mouth. Exodus 4:12 says “Now, therefore, go, and I will be with your mouth (Peh) and teach you what you shall say.” In a time of great contention and a war with words happening every day in our nation, in the media & throughout the earth…we must be commissioned as those who speak life and change our world. This will be a time of fresh commissioning for many who desire to see Heaven invade earth.

We must plant the heavens with our words! “And I have put My words in your mouth; I have covered you with the shadow of My hand, That I may plant the heavens, Lay the foundations of the earth, And say to Zion, ‘You are My people’ ” (Isaiah 51:16 NKJV).

Decree: I am a dynamo, a powerhouse for God’s glory, generating light to light up my world. I will be bold and courageous to bring in the harvest of souls. I am a nation changer and will stand my ground under pressure. My testimony will release revival! My words will change my world because the dynamo is in my mouth!

The Lord decrees, “You have entered a decade of amped-up, dynamic power encounters as you pray in the Spirit, acting as a human dynamo, a generator of God’s presence, power and potential, which will result in a mighty harvest of souls for my Kingdom. Watch the Middle East and Northern Africa. Watch North Korea and Southeast Asia. The places of great contending will become my place of great harvest. In the midst of great chaos and contention in this decade, you will face darkness and persecution, but my glory will rise on you. Decide now not to bend your knee to the pressure to conform to this world. It’s time for awakening and revival, which will come by my power! You will and my dunamis will cause this to be your  nest hour!”

The Decade of the Prophet

Prophets are God’s mouthpiece to the earth. Amos 3:7 says God will do nothing unless He  rst reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets. Acts 3:19-21 says, “Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that He may send Jesus Christ, who was preached to you before, whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.” God told Jeremiah, the prophet, “I have put my words in your mouth.”

II Chronicles 20:20 declares, “Believe the Lord and you will be established, believe His prophets and you will prosper.” The word prosper in Hebrew means “to move forward, advance, to break out, to break through, to become a success, to become pro table, to become prosperous.” Those who have felt “stuck” in this past season can enter into a grace for acceleration of purpose as one believes and speaks the prophetic words spoken over your life. As we believe the prophetic voice of God, we are coming into unprecedented times of advancement for God’s kingdom purposes.

There is a new generation of prophets and prophetic people who will release the voice of God but who will also demonstrate Kingdom transformation in cities and nations. Signs and wonders will become more consistent as we demonstrate the reality of who God is by speaking with the dunamis power of the Spirit until we see things shift.

It’s time to prophesy and decree by the Spirit of the Living God. It’s time for a great harvest. It’s time to see the gospel of Christ become the power (dunamis) of God unto salvation! It’s time for signs, wonders, and miracles.

The Lord says, “In this new decade, my people will receive a fresh understanding of my dunamis power activated in them through the gospel of Christ. I will strip away every religious pretense and begin to reveal my true nature and inherent power within my church to transform the world that I so love. My voice from my mouth will shake the heavens and the earth once again, and my power will be released through the voice of my Bride, the Church, who will arise with new grace and beauty and demonstrate my kingdom with unrivaled authority. Her purity and regal nature, displayed through my people, will silence those who have tried to mock and scorn her. Salvation will spring up from some of the most unlikely places as I turn Sauls into Pauls. The persecutors will become my propagators. The mockers will become my mouthpiece. The hostile will become my heroes. Watch what I will do through my power to save, for I will astound even you,” says the Lord.

2020 – A New Era of Crazy Increase, Favor and Fulfillment

It is now the year 2020 on the Gregorian calendar. But in looking at the Hebraic meaning of the word twenty, we .nd it is the word kaf, which means the palm of the hand. The palm is a symbol of blessing. Fathers would lay their hands on their children to bless them. Priests and prophets laid their hands on people to bless them, and New Testament leaders taught laying on of hands as one of the doctrines of Christ, recognizing spiritual gifts and abilities could be imparted to others. This year is 2020 a year of double blessing, giving, receiving and blessing and imparting to others.

To dovetail this with the understanding of the dynamo, or dunamis, one of the words associated with dunamis is dunatos, meaning “to be able, mighty in wealth and in.uence.” II Corinthians 9:8 uses this word when it declares ““And God is able (dunamis) to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all su.ciency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.” This time of supernatural, superabundant blessing causes a dynamo of generating wealth, favor and influence for your kingdom assignment. I had a dream in 2019 in which God said we needed to start believing for “Crazy Increase” above and beyond what we can ask or think. We need to believe it, but we also need to speak it!

Decree: This is my time for a double blessing, so I can give, receive and be a blessing. I will operate in every gift I have been given and will come to a new level of power. I am living in Crazy Increase! I will have more than enough to supply my needs and to accomplish my mission. God will bless me so I can be a blessing. All the enemy has stolen must be restored seven times. This is my time! I will be a 100 fold believer & a 100 fold receiver!

The Lord decrees, “It’s a time for Crazy Increase! 2020 will be a Year of Plenty! I am dealing ruthlessly with the spirits of lack and robbery, which have kept my people and my purpose down. As you cheerfully give, I will cause you to superabound and excel, to increase and over.ow, and to experience more than enough. I will take you out of not enough or barely enough into a time of more than enough. You will have what you need to live and grow and accomplish your mission.”

A New Era of Freedom, Ful llment, and Favor

I had a dream on my birthday, November 22, 2019. In the dream, I had a baby that I was responsible for. It wasn’t a baby I personally gave birth to but one that I was responsible for in the sense of raising and caring for it. I took this baby to visit two different men, one who was a bit older and one who was a bit younger. I had the sense one of these men was the baby’s father, though both claimed it and loved it. Then I ran into Dutch Sheets, and I explained the situation with the two men wanting to father the baby. He said to me, “You are going to have to decide if this baby belongs to the last twenty years or the next twenty years.”

Let’s be clear: God has done some amazing things over the past two decades. We have seen apostles & prophets become accepted as part of the functioning leadership of the Body of Christ. Many have been trained up to hear the voice of the Lord. Many churches have experienced tremendous growth, especially in the nations, and there has been a greater frequency of miracles and a desire to participate in the greatest awakening and harvest the world has ever seen.

But the past two decades have also seen wars, financial crisis and unprecedented moral decline in our nation and others. Believers have experienced heartbreak and disappointments as we have waited for the fulfillment of our prophetic promises. We desperately need an awakening and to return to the ancient paths, to the foundations of righteousness to see nations turn. We desperately need to turn wholly to Him, moving past our trials into trust.

We must hear the challenge of the Holy Spirit not to be satis ed with the victories nor limited by the disappointments of the past season. It’s clearly a new day, and we must look forward, recognizing the best is yet to come.

We actually see this in a couple of stories from scripture that show the shift into Freedom, Fulfillment, and Favor!

Freedom: In Judges 4 we .nd the story of Deborah. For twenty years the Israelites were harshly oppressed by Jabin, King of Canaan. He took all their weapons, and the land became very unsafe. The people felt like they were between a rock and a hard place. But God began to declare a new era, saying “I will be the Rock in your hard place!” At that time, Deborah arose with a prophetic word from God of direction and strategy for breakthrough. God called them to gather for battle, but first, they met at a place called Kadesh—the place of consecration, dedication, and sanctification. God wants to set His people apart for His glory. After they were prepared God sent them to the river Kishon (with no earthly weapons, armed only with the Word of the Lord) where He would deliver the enemy into their hands. Kishon means “to set a trap for the enemy.” After they won the victory, the land had rest for 40 years! Double blessing! We are at the same critical tipping point moment, in the US as well as other nations. Our victories in this next year will determine the next twenty-year period of time. We must contend! We must show up for the battle! But if we listen to the voice of God and engage in the battle, God will bring us to Kishon, to set a trap for the enemies of righteousness, and heaven will fight for us!

Tent of the Kenite….the smiths…the weapon makers…

We see another story in Genesis about Jacob. Jacob served Laban for 20 years, 7 for each of his wives and 6 for his .ocks. Laban changed his wages 10 times. When 20 years were up, Jacob heard the voice of the Lord say it was time to return home and re-engage with his prophetic promise. He knew he would need to .ee Laban, and knew he would need to face Esau, whom he had cheated out of both his birthright and his first-born blessing. He had to face his past, deal with the present so he could secure his future. Twenty years earlier, God had spoken to Jacob in a dream, in which he saw heaven opened and angels ascending and descending on a ladder with the Lord at the top. Now, at this 20-year mark, he was blessed and increased with family, flocks, and possessions, but it was time to obtain the promised land of inheritance. He had to break free of Laban. Many have been under the influence of a Laban spirit of robbery, limitation, and deceit. God is saying “enough is enough!” It’s time to possess your prophetic promise, even if it was given 20 years ago, and even if you didn’t exactly do everything right yourself! There is grace for those who are listening to the voice of God and getting back on track. Break out of your Laban season, and receive unlimited increase as you possess your promise! Along the way, Jacob encountered angels again. This will be a time of tremendous angelic interaction. Angels met him along his journey and were positioned as two armies ready to protect and preserve. In the same manner, as we move into this new season, angels are being positioned to fight for us, to protect us and preserve us for God’s divine purposes.

A Time to Wrestle

To transition from the previous 20 year season to his following season of destiny, Jacob had an encounter with God (or an angel representing God) that changed him forever. At night he wrestled with this Being and refused to let go until God blessed him. At the end of this wrestling match, God spoke to Jacob and asked him his name. Jacob responded by speaking who he had been, Jacob, the supplanter, the heel grabber, the deceiver. God then told him he would be known from that time forward as Israel, a prince with God, one who had wrestled with God and men and prevailed (Gen. 32:28). Jacob was not only wrestling with God but also wrestling with his past so that he could let go and move into his future.

Many have found themselves in a similar season of wrestling: wrestling with the enemy, wrestling with self, wrestling with your circumstance, wrestling with your past failures and mistakes, wrestling with the voice of the enemy, wrestling even with God—His call, His destiny, and His ways. Now is the time to settle the issues over which you have wrestled! If you have wrestled with sin or self, there is freedom, healing, and deliverance. If you have been wrestling with the enemy, because he has been very active in this past season trying to get in the heads of God’s people with his lies, submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he must .ee! But if you have been wrestling with God, it’s time to put the questions of the past behind you and put your trust in Him. It’s a day of complete surrender. As you do this, it takes the limitations o. your life and all God has called you to do and makes you a candidate for incredible blessing.

As I read the story of Jacob transitioning into his new season of promise, one of the next things I saw is that Rachel gave birth to Benjamin in the new land (Gen. 35:18). This struck me because in my dream there was a baby, and the question was, which 20 year period will this baby belong to? We see previously that Rachel had stolen the idols from her father’s house, and refused to turn them in to be destroyed as Jacob required as they entered the new land. She was carrying baggage from her past that kept her from embracing her future. When the baby was born, she named him Ben-Oni, meaning son of my sorrows. But Jacob renamed him, Benjamin, meaning son of my right hand, or son of favor. Rachel could only look backward to the sorrows and injustices of the previous 20 years, which kept her from moving into the time of blessing in the new day. Your heart positioning will either cause you to birth that which will be a memorial to your sorrow, or you can choose to embrace God’s favor for your future.

A New Name – The Time of Receiving a White Stone

Throughout scripture we see God bringing forth a transition into a new era indicated by signi cant name changes. Abram became Abraham and Sarai became Sarah at the beginning of the time of God establishing covenant with the Abrahamic race. Jacob became Israel at the time of increase with the tribes as establishment as a nation. Cephas became Peter when Jesus spoke destiny to one of his disciples who would bring the gospel to many. Saul became Paul as God opened a new era of the gospel of the kingdom of God reaching even Gentile nations.

As I prayed I saw Jesus handing out white stones to believers who are pressing in to overcome and bring God’s kingdom into the earth. In Revelation 2, the angel delivers the Word of the Lord to the church at Pergamos saying, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone, a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it ” (Rev. 2:17).

This is a mysterious passage of scripture written to a church in the city of Pergamos, where the seat of Satan was known to be. It was a city of deep idolatry and demonic thrones of iniquity, but more concerning was the compromise of righteousness being allowed in the fellowship. Some held the doctrine of Balaam, which caused people to believe they could eat things sacri ced to idols (compromising with the world) and embrace and practice sexual immorality without consequence. This church also harbored those of the Nicolaitan cult, which taught that because of grace people could live in any sinful manner they chose because they were not under the law, but under grace. God was very clear that He hated these doctrines and that if they didn’t repent, He would come and  ght them with the sword of his mouth. So in the decade of the mouth, God will speak words of blessing and  ght for us, but He will also confront us with sin and even  ght against us if we don’t properly align with the truth of His righteousness.

But to those who overcome, He will give to eat of the hidden manna (a release of provision, revelation, and life) and give them a white stone with a new name. In the  first century, people understood that a white stone was a symbol of favor. In a trial, the jury would cast their votes by either dropping in a white stone or a black stone. A white stone indicates innocence or acquittal, a black stone indicates guilt. When elections were held in a city, people would cast their votes by dropping in a white stone. In Olympic Games, the winner of a contest was given a white stone of victory, which then gave access to places of honor at events and positions in society.

Today God is looking for an overcoming church: one who refuses to compromise with the pressures to conform to the world and its philosophies and doctrines; one who will stand up against the throne of Satan and all his darkness and witchcraft and will stand for truth, holiness and unwavering faith in the face of persecution. God will  ght for those who stand for Him. To those, He will give a white stone of favor, which will open new doors of kingdom access even in the kingdoms of men. As for your new name, allow God to speak a fresh understanding of destiny, calling and purpose over your life to shift you into your next 20 year period of freedom, favor, and fulfillment.

A White Stone for the White House

As I prayed about this white stone given to overcomers, I also saw God give a white stone of favor to President Trump, his family, and the White House. It has clearly been a tumultuous time for the presidency; however, I saw the Lord extending a white stone of favor, acquittal, and victory to this administration, not because of perfection, but because of a heart to do what is right for our nation, for Christians, and for Israel. Let’s pray that God’s white stone of favor be released in order to see our nation set upon the ancient paths and righteous foundations as intended by our founders. It’s a time of freedom, favor, and fulfillment of years of prophetic words for our nation.


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