The Battle is Over the Voice

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We are living in a history making hour in the earth.  It is a time of great contending and yet a time of birthing revival, awakening and reformation!  I heard the Lord say He is taking His church out of Survival into Revival!  Isaiah 60:1-3 promises us that in times of great darkness in the earth God will cause His glory to shine upon His people initiating the greatest harvest the earth has ever seen. Revival is at hand!

Yet, in Isaiah 37:3 Hezekiah declared, “for the children are come to birth and there is no strength to bring forth.”  This prophecy was given to King Hezekiah, a righteous king who was a reformer of a nation, turning Judah back to God. He was faithful to the Lord, yet his city, Jerusalem, had become besieged by the King of Assyria, Sennacherib, and was faced with certain destruction if God didn’t intervene (much as we face in America today). Sennacherib was one of the cruelest conquerers in history, leaving terror in his wake of destruction. It is about him that Isaiah wrote as a prophetic word of encouragement, “no weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises up against you in judgment you shall condemn” (Is 54:17)

The Rabshakeh Assignment

In my book, “Declarations for Breakthrough” I relate a dream I had in which a spiritual assignment was sent against a godly leader and reformer.  The enemy’s name was Rabshakeh and he was coming to spread poison on the back of the leader and then take a rod and beat his back, driving the poison in until this reformer broke. The back represents the place of a man’s strength.  The back was where Jesus was beaten so that we can receive our healing.  The enemy wanted to beat him down, afflict him with poison and destroy him. But before Rabshakeh could complete his mission of destruction we alerted the authorities who captured him.  They then led us out and put the enemy’s  rod in our hands to beat his back instead! 

What does this dream have to do with the story of the besiegement of  Jerusalem?  It turns out that Rabshakeh was the emissary of Sennacherib, his mouthpiece, sent to demoralize God’s people with his words, trying to get them to give up, lay down their weapons and surrender the city.  He tried to convince Hezekiah and his leaders that God had forsaken them and would not save them. 

Rabshakeh’s name means “chief prince” and is a demonic assignment against believers, leaders and even nations today.  He was the voice of Sennacherib, or if you will, the voice of the devil.  He sought to get into the minds of God’s people, tried to define the narrative, beating them down by relentlessly filling the atmosphere with lies. Rabshakeh’s voice filled the air with accusations against who God is, against the leaders and about the impossibility of their situation.  He was spreading poison through the sound of his voice and trying to get in their heads so that they would be worn down and give up.

Don’t let the enemy get in your head! There is a relentless demonic voice that is trying to talk believers out of their divine assignments.  The voice of the enemy will try to convince you that all your prayers and decrees have been for nothing and that in the end God will not do what He said.  The voice of the enemy will try to wear you down with accusations, intimidations & frustrations so that all your strength to birth revival and fulfill your calling is exhausted.  Rather than being a nation changer you seek only to survive.  Is it possible to be pregnant with revival and not have strength to bring it forth?  Is it possible to be pregnant with your miracle answer and it be aborted or still born because you give up or get so distracted with problems that you lose your focus or your faith in God?  Is it possible to no longer have strength to stand for the destiny of your nation because of the mental exhaustion of contending?

The Decade of Peh

You see we are living in the Hebraic year 5782.  80 is the Hebrew word “Peh” which means mouth, speech or sound.  It represents the voice.  During this decade the battle is over which voice is controlling the narrative so it is imperative we listen for the voice of God. Psalms 29:4 declares, “the voice of the Lord is powerful.”   His voice always brings victory!  We must also be aware of what our own voices are saying.  Are our words aligning with God’s voice?  Likewise, we need to be alert to the enemy’s voice and his bombarding negativity, hopelessness and fear.

Every day we are assaulted by an antichrist barrage of words.  The goal of cancel culture is to get believers, prayer warriors and reformers to back down, break down and surrender. The battle over the voice is fueling the battle for our nation.  In this tipping point moment in history, God’s ekklesia, must unite to stand against this demonic attack to see righteousness and justice once again established in our land by releasing our voice and God’s decree against all the lies of the enemy.

Going From Besiegement to Breakthrough!

But rather than let Rabshakeh and his poisonous words rob them of their land, Hezekiah set himself to seek the Lord and to pray.   He encouraged his people with these faith filled words:  Be strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed for the king of Assyria, nor for all the multitude that is with him: for there be more with us than with him: With him is an arm of flesh; but with us is the LORD our God to help us, and to fight our battles.  2 Chronicles 32:7-8.  The church would do well to allow these words to encourage us during these challenging times.

Hezekiah laid the accusations of the enemy on the altar and lifted his voice to God in prayer. He also sent for Isaiah the prophet to get a Word from God for them. This is the synergy that comes when godly government, prayer & the prophetic anointing create a dynamic for breakthrough.   Isaiah told Hezekiah the Lord had heard his prayers. He would defend the city and save their nation!  He then released a prophetic word of breakthrough that sounded impossible, declaring God would fight for them.  That night God sent one angel down who wiped out 185,000 Assyrians!   Rabshakeh and Sennacherib both returned to their own country only to be killed by their own people.  God fought for Judah!  Dedicated prayer, powerful prophecy and anointed decrees shifted the battle and brought heavenly intervention!   Victory was manifested as God mobilized the angel armies to overthrow the enemy.

As we position ourselves as Hezekiah did and set ourselves to seek the Lord, to hear His voice and to put our trust in Him to fight for us, we will see every voice of the accuser struck down, every besiegement destroyed and every thing stolen returned in abundance.  Hezekiah’s name means “Jehovah is my strength.”  In this time of contending God will restore our strength physically, emotionally and spiritually so we can fulfill our divine assignment. 

The Voice of the Lord Shatters the Enemy!

If you recall at the end of my dream the rod of punishment which the enemy sought to use against the leader was instead used on his own back!  The Lord turned the evil the enemy meant against us back on his own head!   Isaiah also prophesied about this, which is part of God’s battle strategy for us today to break out of the survival of besiegement into revival for a new day. Isaiah 30:31 declares, “The Voice of the Lord will shatter the Assyrian (your enemy), with His scepter He will strike him down.  Every stroke the Lord lays on the back of the enemy with His punishing rod will be to the music of tambourines and harps as he fights him in battle with the blows of His arm!” (NIV)

So rise up Reformers! Be strong people of God!  Seek the Lord and hear His voice. Shake off every chain of discouragement and fear, resist Rabshakeh’s voice from getting in your head and the voice of the Lord will shatter your enemy!


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