7 Anointings For Kingdom Transformation


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An individual’s unique characteristics come from what we know as DNA chromosomal markers, which work to develop our bodies and cause us to look and have the characteristic capacities of our parents and our families.  1 Peter 1:9 says that we are partakers of the Divine Nature.  This refers to the unique DNA (Divine Nature Attributes) strand God placed in us to express His Kingdom blessings in the earth.

In the last 30 years, Christian International has discovered 7 Anointings powerfully used by the apostolic and prophetic movement to bring transformation in lives, churches, businesses and territories.

These 7 Anointings are:

  • Apostles and Prophets to the Nations

  • Activation Anointing

  • Reproducing/Impartation Anointing

  • The Family Anointing

  • Team Ministry Anointing

  • Spiritual Warfare in Prayer and Praise

  • Marketplace Kingdom Influencers Anointing

“I will also tell you how we participated with the Lord to bring transformation to our territory using these anointings.  It’s an amazing story you won’t want to miss!”

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