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Jun 19, 2023 | Vision Church | 0 comments

Gale Sheehan, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The year 2020 was proven to be a time where the contour of spiritual territories was constantly changing. In the natural, this was depicted with the shifting of COVID-19 cases and directives. But now, as we’ve entered 2021, there is a great sense among prophetic Believers that it is time for war. However, it is not only a time for war, but a time for unprecedented victory as well!

Uprooting the Deep State

For many years there has been a “knowing” of the existence of a “Deep State” that is hostile to the God-given destiny of the United States. On every front there has been resistance from this hidden community toward implementing God-given goals. This “Deep State” has an anti-Christ agenda that operates in the realms of government, politics, media, and finance, etc. Large donors fund these ungodly causes, and many times with non-traceable money lines.

The year 2021 will be a time when the Lord will reverse the ungodly alliance and election of a false US government and establish a righteous one.

Now, however, in addition to this “Deep State,” there is also an elusive, hidden influence referred to by some as the “Deeper State” that is coming into view across not only in the United States, but also across the nations of the earth. This “Deeper State” is masterminded by satan himself and attacks God’s plans on every front. It is not just a state of resistance for the US, but one that exists on a global level with global initiatives.
Satan’s greatest desire is to subvert the authority of God in any way he can. This rebellion is evident in his attempt to redefine God’s definition of marriage, personal gender, identity, and his thirst for the blood of unborn babies. He was always a liar and murderer from the beginning and still is.

The year 2021 will be a time not only of war but of great victory. We are now called to be the Church, arising to battle this anti-Christ, Deeper State spirit on every front. Satan’s desire to capitalize on a global initiative of deception is working on the minds of men and women. The Church is called to be a tool of the Lord to set these captives free. As the Church—the Ekklesia of God—goes to war in this next season of 2021 in greater unity than ever before, the gates of Hell will not be able to hold captives from freedom or hinder a “Great Awakening” that is on God’s timetable. His promise, as stated in the book of Joel, is the imminent outpouring of His Spirit on all flesh.

However, this outpouring won’t just “happen” without the Church being energized to co-labor with the Lord in this awakening. When the Church is activated to enforce the victory of the Lord, angels will also be dispatched that will hearken to the word of the Lord and enforce His decrees.
In order to achieve the great victories that God has for us in 2021, this will be a year where we need to awaken the “Strong Right Arm” of the Lord. There is a great promise in the book of Isaiah of what happens when we do:

“Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the Lord; awake, as in the days of old, the generations of long ago. Was it not You who cut Rahab in pieces, who pierced the dragon? Was it not You who dried up the sea, the waters of the great deep, who made the depths of the sea a way for the redeemed to pass over? And the ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion with singing; everlasting joy shall be upon their heads; they shall obtain gladness and joy, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.”

(Isaiah 51:9-11)

What We Can Expect When We Awaken God’s “Strong Right Arm

There are several breakthroughs we can expect when we awaken God’s “Strong Right Arm.”

  1. Multifaceted Miracles
    The year of 2021 will be a time of unprecedented miracles. We must press in for the miracles we have yet to see this coming year. The above passage of Scripture in Isaiah rehearses the fact that our God is a miracle-working God. It also says that we have the ability to awaken His “Strong Right Arm” to crush the enemy and see mighty miracles. We must activate this awakening to see the miracles God has planned. Healing, financial, governmental, family and destiny miracles are in store for 2021. There are even nation-shifting miracles that we will see this year.
  2. Ancient Pathways Opened
    The result of awakening the “Strong Right Arm” of the Lord will be new pathways that crossover into your destiny in 2021. In the same way that God parted the Red Sea to enable the Israelites to cross over on dry land, He will enable you to cross over to your appointed destiny. The God of miracles will crush satan under your feet.
  3. Shaking the Dust from Your Feet
    In Isaiah 52 the Bible states that we must awake and clothe ourselves in strength and shake the dust from our feet. This means that we must shake the things of past seasons that are holding us back from advancing this year. This could be disappointments and apparent defeats from the past.
  4. Satan’s Plans Crushed
    Isaiah also states that God pierced the dragon in the days of old. Therefore, the elect will return and come with joyful shouting to Zion. The spiritual dragon of China released a pandemic across the earth, but as satan’s plans are crushed, a great awakening will be released over the nation of China and the people that have been held captive by the territorial spirits there.

    This verse in Isaiah also mentions Rahab being cut in pieces. This “Rahab” is not the harlot that helped the Israelites but a spiritual entity that means chaos. In the same way that God said, “Let there be light,” when the earth was in a state of chaos in the book of Genesis, the year 2021 will be a time when the Spirit of the Lord will bring peace where there has been chaos. The God of peace will soon crush satan in this year of 2021.

    So, now that we know such great promises can be activated by awakening God’s Strong Right Arm, how do we do it?

    We do it by…
  • making the decrees that are stated in His Word, the Bible
  • prophetically declaring what the Lord is saying for the year 2021
  • praying for His Arm to be awakened
  • shouting in faith
  • standing after we have done all
  • fasting as directed by the Lord
  • demonstrating His power through signs, wonders, and miracles
  • entering His presence through worship and praise

Now, as we the Church strategically enter the year 2021, empowered to confront both the Deep State and the Deeper State and crush satan’s plans under our feet, we decree that we will awaken the “Strong Right Arm” of the Lord. When we do, angels will co-labor with us to obtain victories and miracles appointed for this year. We will uproot the plans of satan and plant the directives of the Lord for individuals, cities, states, and nations. The global initiatives of the Deeper State will be thwarted by King Jesus and His Church in the year 2021.


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