Members of the Prison Ministry Team at the Christmas Party

Vision Outreach Ministries

Reaching those in Our Local Prisons and their Families

The Vision Church Outreach Ministry Team serves the greater Northwest Florida ministry area and is committed to touching the lives of every incarcerated person held in the Department of Corrections.  We employ as many Spiritual tools as necessary to bring that inmate to a place of maturity and ability in the Body of Christ.

We believe that all inmates are called of God to become the fullness of the measure and stature of Christ Jesus without limitation.  As such we impart, decree, develop, declare and perform the functions of God’s Word capable of transforming Human nature into the Godly Nature of Christ Jesus.  Our teams are committed to releasing the Spirit of God into each agreeing inmate for increase and establishment of the Christ Nature that brings conformity to the Gospel message.  Our teams are a diversity of denominational support.

We have pastors and saints from multiple areas of theological mindedness who provide coverage for the whole message of Christ to each facility. We also support a discipleship program called Family Integrity Training to several facilities on a weekly basis helping inmates deal with roots that cause them to enter a life of crime. Each inmate is given what they need to follow after Christ Jesus for permanent lifelong salvation and for a solid committed Christian after being released from jail or prison. We are honored to be used of God for this purpose. Please contact Bro Luke at 850-217-6601 or 850-231-2660. Email:

Reaching Beyond Prisons

We started in the Prisons and jails and realized that not only the one incarcerated was affected but the whole family. The recidivism rate for those who get out of prison and jail is extremely high. The families are left without an income and children are left without the guidance of one or both parents. 

Realizing that 75% of the inmates released from prison will return to prison in the next 12 months, Vision Church Team member David Dorado has created House of Grace for those seeking to further their Godly life outside the prison system.  Continued spiritual training and development is provided with the opportunity to gain employment and learn a life skill is offered.  Housing is provided along with a regimented environment of faith and community as a guiding light for each person committed to living a Crime Free lifestyle.

We invite you to HouseofGrace @ for more information.  Contact David Dorado at 850-326-0754

With Growth Came Greater Opportunities to Meet the Need

As ministry increased we saw many get saved and begin a life in the Spirit. Those who found Christ began to be hungry for the Word. To meet the needs we continually saw, we offered these outreaches.

  • Chapel Services – we hold services just like we have at our own church with worship, testimony, prophetic call outs, prayers and preaching.
  • Bible Studies – Dedicated to grounding those Christians in the Word of God.
  • FIT – Family Integrity Training, a 100 hour life skills Faith Based transition course. This curriculum gives weekly facilitating to a small group of inmates who desire to change their lives and become Disciples of Christ. They finish 6 different topics: Parenting, Finances, Addictions, Dating and Marriage, Anger Dynamics, and Dealing with Problem solving.
  • Letter Writing – Many are lonely and have no family to encourage them and may never get any mail. We may be the only ones who are able to share the love of God to them.
  • Angel Tree – This is an outreach to the children of Inmates. We are able to help keep families connected by giving Christmas gifts on behalf of the incarcerated parent. This is also a financial blessing to the caregiver of the children.
  • After Care – We are able to help certain ones who are getting out of jail or prison to get a place to stay or help them find a job. We connect them to community resources that can help them to succeed. We offer mentoring to them and help them transition back to society.
  • Nursing Home Ministry – Not forgetting those who are often overlooked because they are not able to attend church.

Join Us In Changing Lives

We have many opportunities to participate with us.

  1. Volunteer to go into a jail or prison or nursing home
  2. Mentoring those who have been released and give guidance and support
  3. Provide materials for the FIT Training ($12 per student)
  4. Buy gifts for the children of Angel Tree
  5. Donate cookies, coffee, condiments and cups, napkins for our graduations and Christmas programs
  6. Provide pens and pencils and paper and folders
  7. Provide furniture, bedding, food and cleaning supplies for a half-way house.
  8. Write an inmate
  9. Help us with raising funds for the ministry
  10. Pray and tell someone about our needs

Questions or to Find Out How to Help