A Brand New Apostolic Prophetic Training Course

Power of a Transformed Life

Taught by Apostle Vance Russell

The Keys to a Transformed Life Workshop is a prophetic journey to spiritual and practical growth. This study explores ten keys to developing a Christ-like character. By examining the diverse qualities of culture, it is evident that a biblical worldview is critical in achieving a strength of character that is unconditionally Christ-centered.

The character and moral values of Christians and those who lead in the Body of Christ is the foundation of their calling and ministry. Since every believer has room for growth, improvement and correction, diligence should be exercised, giving attention to every one of these ten areas. The Keys to a Transformed Life emphasizes ten truths that should be kept in biblical order.

These ten “M’s” will maintain and mature the individual in their personal life and ministry. The Lord will work throughout a lifetime in the areas of Manhood or Womanhood, Ministry, Message, Maturity, Marriage, Methods, Manners, Money, Morality and Motive.

These keys to maturing and maintaining a godly character will provide a person’s ministry and life with a solid and stable foundation for life-transformation. There is an old adage that says, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” It is vital that a regular inspection of each link (Ten M) of an individual’s life is inspected to avoid a break, which if left unguarded, could easily become a double weakness.

This prophetic journey to spiritual and practical growth will assist in reinforcing each weak link. It is the Father’s desire to transform us, His sons and daughters, into the image of His Son, Jesus, as we go from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18).