Join us on Saturday, July 14th for a Movement Writers Workshop with Pastors Dean & Lisa Mitchum.

God is releasing a call for us to answer! A call to discover the next dimension of worship, activated in the anointing of David, the prophet and psalmist of Israel. God is calling us to peer into the next dimension and make it the now dimension.

**Please Note** each day can be purchased separately for $65. There are Event Tickets and LiveStream Options available.**

July 14, 2018 – Simplified Music Theory : Gain the knowledge you need to become confident in your understanding of music.

  • We’ll focus on chords, melody, rhythm, measures, and chord sheets to bring a greater level of knowledge and confidence in music theory.
    Chord Structure
    Rhythm Patterns
    Measures and Chord Placement
    Understanding Chord Sheets
    Sharing the sound of music with other musicians.