A Nation Ripe for Revival

From Apostle Tom Hamon

As I was praying about the current state of our nation and the church, I felt the Lord say that there were 3 things we were going to have to fight against in this season in a significant way:  FEAR, FATALISM and FATIGUE!

FEAR …The enemy would love to cause us to operate in fear and panic and withdraw in isolation and discouragement because of world events and cause us to cower in a cloudy fog of political correctness and persecution instead of operating in the clarity of biblical spiritual correctness with faith and courage to be the saving grace of salt and light in society that he has called us to be.

FATALISM  …Again the enemy’s plan is to cause us to retreat into a fatalistic escapism approach that says that we are living in a time when things are going to get worse and dark and so we are just going to have to hunker down and accept what is happening as God’s will and what has been prophesied.

FATIGUE   …The temptation is to be weary in well doing and allow disappointment to rule our emotions and cause us to either emotionally burn out and wear out instead of spiritually firing up with urgency and energy to make the difference we are called to make  in this hour.

In Contrast, I believe what the Lord is saying is that it is time to have FAITH, FIGHT, and become a FORCE for what is Right!

I believe that this Nation is Ripe for Revival, Awakening and Reformation.  Every Great Awakening and  Revival in history has been born out of the most desperate of times of economic turmoil, societal upheaval, moral depravity and corruption and an atmosphere of cruel mocking and persecution of the church.  I believe this is truly a TURNING POINT TIME in the spiritual life of Our Nation!

Let’s have faith and decree DIVINE REVERSAL and the next GREAT AWAKENING in our Generation!  As Isaiah 60 decrees, in the midst of deep darkness covering the earth and many people, let’s work to see the Church Arise and Shine as never before in our generation!